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Digital Signage Networking


AD-digital appreciates that implementing a digital signage network can be a mind boggling task when you are bombarded with technical jargon about network media players, routers and scheduling software; particularly if you wish to update screen content remotely from a location far way from your screens. To make this task as straight forward and reliable as possible we offer a complete package solution without involving software and hardware from different suppliers.

All of our digital screen displays come complete with a built in network media player and all of the other hardware necessary to get your digital signage advertising running and make installation as simple as it can be.

Please see below the main options for updating your digital screen content, whether it be locally to the screen itself or from another country altogether:

Updating Screen Content Locally

Although it is possible to simply load your content to a USB stick and plug this directly into the screen using the Plug & Play method, all of our slim LED advertising screens are supplied complete with Free Scheduling Software that is supplied on a disc to load to your PC or Laptop. This innovative piece of software allows you to play different content at different times of the day such as with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for a digital fast food menu display. The scheduling software is extremely user friendly and needs no expensive training courses. Your image, video and audio files are simply loaded onto the playlist and placed in the order that you wish to display them, and duration times and transition styles can be set for each image or video file. Once complete your playlist can be saved to your USB stick and plugged into your screen to load the data. Once loaded the USB stick can be removed and your playlist will run as scheduled.

Updating Screen Content Remotely

If you are looking to install a number of digital screens, perhaps in multiple retail stores around the world, then our dedicated web portal, secure server and Cloud Management System (CMS) makes the whole process incredibly uncomplicated. Your digital content can be uploaded, scheduled and managed online from one central location by logging into

As standard all screens have a LAN internet connection but can be easily upgraded to have a built-in Wi-Fi Card or 3G Router if wired internet access is not available. As with the free scheduling software the online version allows you to upload media and manage playlists as well as the ability to choose from one of the pre-designed templates or create your own custom layouts. This allows you to deliver targeted content and display your images and videos exactly how you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your digital menu boards. You can also add your company logo and use your corporate colours in scrolling message bars to help maintain brand consistency.


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