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MOSAIC LCD Digital Video Walls

Regular price £1,399.00 (exc. VAT)

Our Mosaic commercial grade video wall screens create stunning large format digital displays which are virtually seamless due to their ultra slim bezels. Supplied with advanced temperature control, the Mosaic screens can also be used 24/7.

The Mosaic allows for reduced power usage when your screens are not needed, and you can simply set on/off times to reduce your running expenses. There are also no external controls so tampering can be avoided. You can upgrade your screen with new features which include a remote update facility.

The 49” or 55” screens can be tiled and configured to any magnitude whilst an integrated video processing unit will automatically split your content across the video wall in any orientation without the need for additional hardware or software.

The vibrant multicolour panels have a superior image quality and ultra wide viewing angle without any blackening. Video display couldn’t be simpler as the Mosaic allows you to update your screens from a wide range of audio and video inputs. The Mosaic is compatible with all of the following; HDMI, VGA, DVI RGB/HV, Composite Video, and YPbPr.

  • Key Features

    Narrow Bezel for Virtual Seamless Display
    Auto Tiling Functionality
    High Definition Screen 1920x1080 – 1080p
    Bright Display 500cd/m2
    24/7 Usage Commercial Grade Panel
    Long lifetime - 50,000 Hours No Loss of Quality
    Smart Temperature Control with Air-Con
    Portrait or Landscape
    Optional Network Upgrade (LAN/Wi-Fi)
    3 Year Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support
  • Product Specification Downloads

    49" LCD Video Wall Display
    55" LCD Video Wall Display
    Cloud Network CMS (Content Management System)

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